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The sculpture garden in winter garb

13 October

The museum’s sculpture garden has been given its annual ‘winter garb’ in the next weeks. Coverings will protect a number of vulnerable sculptures from the outdoor climate and several other works (a.o. Marta Pan's Sculpture flottante, Otterlo) will be moved indoors. Due to the risk of storm damage and for maintenance and inspection Needle Tower by Kenneth Snelson will not on view to the public during this period. From early November until 1 April, Jardin d'émail by Jean Dubuffet will be closed. From early April, almost all sculptures will be on show again.

Every year, the porous stone sculptures in particular are given protective coverings. These sculptures are highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and the combination of moisture and low temperatures could make them crack. The coverings serve to delay temperature fluctuations and provide protection against water. Ventilation remains possible, so that the sculpture can still breathe and dry in the wind.

Photo: Wintercovering Jean Amado, De la mer le Passage